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Official Android Pie update is widely released for the US opening Moto G6, this time for real

After not one, not two, but three false alarms, US-based owners one of the best and most popular mid-range smartphones released in 2018 can be true and finally rejoice, as the official Android 9.0 Pie Update seems to be rolling out on a scale To unlock the G 6 moto finally.

This comes just a little over a month after the same Goodie package software is deployed for the Verizon special variant of the 5.7-inch handset and the five-month renown after the G6 and G6 play began to receive a taste of Pie treating Over-The-air in Other areas.

As always, patience is advised, with the national expansion of the update unlikely to occur over the past few days and the first phase of the US opened launch launch just yesterday, according to some of the Reddit threads. That being said, a relatively large number of people seem to have been treated to this ultimate UI Makeover, without any serious bugs reported as far as we can tell.

That may be the main reason why it was taken Motorola so long to release the OS enhancements across the state, because people in other areas seem to have encountered many problems, including some big'uns. If that's the case, we might be able to all agree better to update the phone late instead of damaging the user experience with a half-baked collection of UI tweaks and performance  "improvements. "

A weighing Tip near the 1.5 GB, Android 9.0 update makes its way to the US unlocking the Moto G6 unit as we speak covers all the standard pie stuff, as well as the May security patches. Although quite old at the moment, the handset remains very appealing to bargain hunters on a tight budget, starting at $59.99 at Best Buy with an upfront operator activation and taking as little as $110 on Amazon in the exclusive edition of Prime for only a few Hour.