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Samsung Smartphones to get one 2.0 UI along with Android Q, the Galaxy S11 series to receive one UI 2.1

Samsung reportedly released a second version of its relatively fresh One UI interface to a qualifying Samsung device along with Android Q later this year, said SamMobile. One 2.0 UI will be released with the next major major software update to Samsung flagships at first, but will surely seep into lower level segments with time. Meanwhile, the future of the Samsung Galaxy S11 flagship series will be treated to a single UI of 2.1. This coincided with the debut of One UI last year, which was launched as the initial version 1.0 but the Galaxy S10 series came with a single UI of 1.1.

What new feature will iteration the second one gives UI? There is too little information at the moment, but the general consensus is that Samsung will include many of the flashy new software features in Google I/O back in May in the next interface. According to SamMobile, one 2.0 UI will incorporate all new digital welfare improvements unveiled in Google I/O back in May, including the distraction-battling Focus mode, which aims to minimize notifications, alerts, and other distractions from Certain standard applications when enabled. It is unclear what other Android Q features will be incorporated into the software.

When it comes to the unique software features Samsung may be included in one UI 2.0, our guess is as good as yours. Who knows, we'll probably get further improvements to Bixby, and all that's expected, more powerful, across the Bixby system routines. Hopefully, Samsung will bring a handy automation feature to older devices such as 9 notes and 8 notes, as well as the Galaxy S9 and S8 series. Of course, we can rely on the preserve of additional user interface improvements to be included as well.

The Galaxy Note 10 series is very unlikely to be launched with the One UI 2.0 as the announcement will take place before the expected release of Android Q-series Note 10 comes August 7, while Android Q will likely go official later in August. We expect Samsung to update the Note 10 series in the coming months, but Android Q must not be part of the initial feature list.

A more realistic timeframe for one UI 2.0 and Android Q reaches the Android device end of 2019/early 2020, when it will coincide with the usual time Samsung tends to update its device. Like every year, we hope that Samsung will update its flagship device earlier than usual.