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Woot very discount any high-end Google pixel phone ever released (updated)

As revealed a few days before the inaugural day of the 2019 Deal Bonanza actually started, Google Pixel 3, 3 XL, and the XL 3A all currently sold on Amazon either big discounts or with a sweet freebie. But you can save even more by shopping for the latest search giants from high-end phones in Woot, which happens to be owned by that same e-commerce giant.

You do not need a prime membership to get pixel 3 for as little as $399.99 or Pixel 3 XL at $419.99 and up, while cheap hunters on a tighter budget might want to distract them to the OG pixel, pixel XL, pixel 2, or 2 XL, all A very discounted moment... In refurbished conditions. That's the main drawback of this otherwise unbearable transactions, but not fret, like Woot vouches for the "full work " Order of all Android handset stocks sold today (and today only), threw in the 90-day warranty for peace of mind You.

Apart from the  "moderate level wear & Tear ", you do not have anything to worry about, but if for some reason you are not happy with how this device looks or works after you get it, you have 30 days to Return them in exchange for a full refund.

As for how much money you stand to save, which obviously depends on your point of comparison to reduce the price. $399.99, for example, is a whopping $400 less than the usual price of a brand-new pixel 3, but Google has repeatedly offered Markdown $200 itself in the past, while Amazon only took that $60 higher. Either way, 400 bucks is a arguably great price for a top cameraphone with soft silk software, no notch, and full support for all four major US carriers.

The same is true for the $420 Pixel 3 XL ($470 in 128GB storage configuration), while the Pixel 2 and 2 XL directly steal prices ranging from 190 and 240 dollars respectively. As far as the $100 pixel original and $105 pixel XL concerned, the old adage about the ages that only a figure seems to be perfectly valid, especially when considering both Android people veterans have an official update Q in the pipeline.