Spring Home Tour


Spring has sprung 1

Hello hello!!

I'm so excited to be back today joining my friend Marty from A Stroll Thru Life for another installment of our seasonal home tours, this time of course, SPRING!

We have a complete line up of beautiful homes decorated for spring, you can see the entire list at the end of this post. Now, if you're one of my regular readers or if you're stopping by from Jenn at Clean and Scentsible let me tell you that it warms my heart knowing that you're here!

Living in Maryland I get to savior every single season and I love it. I try to change my home décor as a way to welcome in the new season, but that doesn't mean I go overboard in the decorating department. Nope. Many décor elements have been with me for years, they get unpacked from the basement and get displayed in a different way or get moved to a different room than last time.


Most of the plants you see here were also patiently waiting by the window in the unfinished basement. When the Christmas décor is brought up, many things have to go down. Yep. even the plants.

living room for Spring

During chilly spring days, this is the spot to take an afternoon nap, it's one of the sunniest spots in the entire house. ;)

It's a room with a view, especially for Louie, our little Yorkie.🐾 He claimed that chair you see in the back. From here he stands guard protecting the front yard from any intruders.

Last year I scored a bunch of those pretty engraved Easter eggs at one of our closest Pier One stores. I was sad to see that the store was closing for business. Covid was brutal for many businesses. :(

I love the pretty details on these statement eggs, which are a prefect backdrop for this Speedy Rabbit zooming across the coffee table!

Well my friends, sitting there on the coffee table is the latest issue of the Better Homes & Gardens magazine, where I was featured! Yes, it's freaking awesome seeing your own house there in the pages of one of your favorite magazines! 💙

On the other side of the room, this little area was transformed as my daughter's office when the pandemic hit and everything was moved virtually. Simple DIY - floating shelves that don't take much space. They were paired up with one of her favorite colors on the wall.

Plants and more plants were brought in to decorate this little area and room for spring. Now, tell me, are you team faux or real when getting plants? 

I like them both! 

Most of my big plants are real, but many of the little plants I display on shelves are faux. No time or energy to bring those plants down to water them.


Nothing says spring more than a pretty bouquet of daffodils or tulips! 

These pretty daffodils are the main décor element in my kitchen.

The other part of the kitchen where I like to display seasonal décor are the open shelves. The blue bowl collection made it here this time. My daughter loves these little bowls that pack a colorful punch. 

I unpacked my Easter stash and couldn't help it. I had to set up a pretty Easter tablescape.

Carrots, little rabbits and plenty of eggs made it here, but I'm going to share more of this tablescape in un upcoming post as this one is getting lengthy.

I hope you enjoyed the touches of spring around our house! For more inspiration be sure to check Cassie's home all prettied up for Spring, and don't forget, the tours continue tomorrow and the rest of the week!

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